Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wireless Security Cameras

Security of the home and business is a major concern for most of us who live in North America. Despite awareness and vigilance, crime is on the rise in most cities. One of the ways most home owners have attempted to fight crime is by installing security cameras. Security cameras have proven to be quite valuable in Europe against crime. All over Europe this proactive approach to fighting crime has shown that security cameras are a big deterrent to theft. Security cameras are now also widely used to monitor the population at large in many European cities.

For the past decade, most security cameras sold were bulky, heavy and cumbersome. Now, electronic technology has greatly improved and we have very light weight cameras which are portable and versatile. Another big difference with the current security cameras is that many are wireless. Wireless security cameras have drastically increased the versatility of these devices. As wireless technology improves, this type of security is now being installed in places which were almost unheard of.

Because of their miniature size and lack of cables, wireless security cameras have been at the forefront of monitoring crime in the home and in recording any other type of suspicious activity. These cameras are used by both law enforcement and home owners for both surveillance and monitoring. Some of the wireless cameras are so small that they can be hidden in discrete locations. These wireless cameras can be installed in the home to check on the baby sitter, children and even monitor employees.

Wireless security cameras for inside the home are very small and can be hidden in a book, watch, mirror, lamp, pencil, clock, ceiling light, fan, painting, plant, and so on.

Many of the wireless home security cameras are battery operated thus increasing their portability. The latest cameras also come with additional electronic components like time stamp capability, built in microphone, motion sensory and alert alarms. Other current wireless cameras even have some type of Wifi security to prevent unauthorized viewing of the data obtained.
Like the conventional security cameras, wireless cameras can be connected to a PC and one can have a live view or even record events.

The great advantage of wireless cameras over conventional security cameras is that they can be installed anywhere. The cameras are not limited by length of wire or location- because there is no cable. While they can be installed outdoors, most people prefer to have them indoors. Most wireless cameras have signals that can be detected anywhere from 40-60 feet.

There are many types of home security wireless cameras and, if you are undecided about what you want, go online and browse over the many catalogs in cyberspace. A great place to buy wireless security cameras is at online auction sites.

The price of wireless security camera is variable and depends on the style and brand. On average the cameras cost about $100 and up.